MyBody PERFECT PAIR High-Performance Youthifying Duo Face and Neck




High-Performance Youthifying Duo Face and Neck 

Give your body the ultimate treatment with mybody PERFECT PAIR. This product is a perfect combination of solutions that treat the skin on your face as well as your neck to help reverse the signs of aging in the delicate areas of your face, neck and chest.


Quickly and effectively minimize or reverse fine lines and wrinkles and reduce any photodamage that has occurred as you age. If you desire instant results, PERFECT PAIR is the product that will satisfy your desires with its ability to create tighter skin in just a few short minutes. It also helps to continue the battle against aging by protecting it with powerful antioxidants that are successful in limiting the free radical damage that your face, neck and chest experience.

  • Growth factor mimicking peptides help reverse fine lines and wrinkles
  • A revolutionary Bioactive Retinol Complex helps fade the appearance of surface photodamage
  • Instant skin lifting actives create the appearance of tighter skin within 5-10 minutes
  • Protective antioxidants combat free radical damage from the inside out

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