MyBody myHELPER™ Acne Spot Treatment 5% Benzoyl Peroxide



On-the-go clinical strength, oil-free spot treatment helps quickly eliminate the appearance of acne breakouts and enhances the healing process.

  • Concentrated formula helps quickly kill acne causing bacteria
  • Skin-friendly surfactants enhance penetration and also help reduce typical irritation and excessive dryness

This on-the-go pen quickly eliminates the appearance of acne breakouts with a clinical strength amount of Benzoyl Peroxide, plus uses mybody's patented Chelasyn® ingredient to eradicate bacteria and stop free radicals. 

How to Use

Use 1-3 times daily onto clean skin.
Twist base of pen until product appears on brush. Gently apply to problem area. Daily use of sunscreen is recommended. If bothersome dryness of peeling occurs, reduce application to once every other day. Intermittent use is recommended for Benzoyl Peroxide based products.

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