MyBody BREAK FREE Probiotic Oil-Free Hydrator

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MyBody Break Free Probiotic Oil-Free Hydrator

This unique oil-absorbing hydrator helps calm inflammation and redness while it rehydrates and rebalances skin that is dry, depleted and stressed from excessive use of anti-acne products.


  • minimizes redness while protecting and soothing the skin
  • eradicates acne-causing bacteria

Acne prone skin, whether oily or combination, can be difficult to combat. BREAK-FREE can help you keep your acne prone skin hydrated and healthy through consistent use. It is recommended to use this skin care product in the morning, as well as at night. It will provide your skin with a beautiful, shine-free complexion and help you fight the side effects that acne treatment causes.

BREAK-FREE is one of the best skincare products to use on your skin, especially when traditional acne treatments tend to dry out or damage the skin, leaving it looking dry, brittle or irritated. BREAK-FREE contains exclusive ingredients that not only help to hydrate the skin, but also calm it down, eliminating any painful burning or unsightly inflammation.


  • Smooths, softens and moisturizes dry, rough and weathered skin
  • Calming botanicals and protective antioxidants blanket delicate skin
  • Holistic anti-inflammatory extracts and active desensitizers calm itchiness

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