ANJALI MD - Sérum Du Matin - Age Rewind Face Serum


A powerful daytime anti-aging and brightening serum supercharged with CoEnzyme Q10.

The complexion awakens with brightening peptides and Vitamin C.

Antioxidants synergize with luxurious, rare botanicals – Ubiquinone and White Lily - to protect against daily environmental challenges

Advanced Nano-Encapsulation Double-Layer Liposome Technology (NEDLL)™ ensures continuous, time-released delivery of nutrients throughout the day.

Marine-sourced Microalgae and Hyaluronic Acid stimulate collagen production for an uplifted contour.

Wrinkles are reduced at the cellular level.

The Hybrid Emulsion breakthrough envelops the face with the fast absorption of a serum and the light hydration of aqueous gel.

Leaves your skin vibrant, resilient, rejuvenated and ready for the possibilities of a new day.

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