A+ Clear Adult Acne Rewind System

$89.00 $69.00

ANJALI MD A+ CLEAR ADULT Acne Rewind Systems is a revolutionary, comprehensive trio developed for serious control over severe adult hormonal acne.

Our Clarifying Cleanser Magic MicroFoam™ transforms from gel to light foam, allowing it to penetrate deeply, brightening skin and clearing acne. 

In the morning, gain control over adult acne, discoloration and the early signs of aging. Brilliance Serum fights blemishes and prevents breakouts with BCG-CLEAR Technology.  Advanced AHA/BHA Complex exfoliates imperfections, increases cellular turnover and stimulates collagen to improve scars, redness and microcirculation.  A light, refreshing serum soothes inflammation with infused power of Divine Bodhi, White Tea and Hyaluronic Acid. Vitamin C brightens the complexion.

At night, Balancing Lotion synergizes with skin’s nighttime repair process to target adult acne, scarring and the early signs of aging while the body is quietly at rest.  Synchronized Neem and Bodhi calm over-reactivity from hormonal fluctuations resulting in fewer blemishes. Time-released Retinol and AHAs stimulate collagen and exfoliate for a smoother, even complexion. Powerful Turmeric detoxifies skin of daily environmental aggressors and stress. Vitamin C and White Tea provide cellular renewal, repair and energy. A more perfect complexion awakes, rested and renewed, with a natural state of equilibrium.

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