ANJALI MD - Crème Matin - Age Rewind Neck Cream


Uniquely magnificent, the neck deserves a specialized innovative crème to preserve its infinite splendor.

Experience the elegance of Crème Matin, a rich concentrate to tighten and lift the neck and décolletage.

Transformative peptides stimulate collagen for a stronger, smoother, refined silhouette.

Stress, wrinkles and fine lines relax as powerful SNAP-8 decreases neurotransmission at the cellular level.

Essential Sea Mineral Complex and Marine DNA/RNA perform in a powerful synergy with nano-encapsulated CoEnzyme Q10 to channel energy, peptides and elegant nutrients deep within, revitalizing molecular repair.

Red Wine and Resveratrol antioxidants protect the neck.

Advanced Nano-Encapsulation Double-Layer Liposome Technology (NEDLL)™ ensures continuous, time-released delivery of nutrients throughout the day.

The neck contour is Rejuvenated. Youth is renewed.

With a new lifted, sculpted definition.

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