• Niven Morgan Blue Scent: The exotic calming scents of the world

    Niven Morgan has done it again. The Blue Scent line by Niven Morgan is a fresh intoxicating fragrance evoking intense visual stimuli when applied. There is a reflection of a melted Sapphire on a calm sea, feeling of being surrounded by perfect blue sky. The formulators at Niven Morgan have developed an elixir that blends tropical woods along with amber spiced with Mandarin, Bergamot along with bright tang of lemon. This scent is perfect for both men and women.


    Notes include those of amber and sandalwood are also consistent with Mr. Morgan's dedication providing the best and being very conscious. Mr. Morgan has done no animal testing for these products. The Blue Scent packaging reflects the effectiveness of the products and it belongs in a modern luxury bathroom. Niven Morgan Blue body wash, Niven Morgan Blue hand lotion, Niven Morgan Blue hand cream, Niven Morgan Blue travel size hand cream, and Niven Morgan blue hand soap are all available now at Dermpoint.com. The purveyors at Dermpoint.com are happy to provide Niven Morgan products across our range of luxury web sites including Vavaskin.com, Skinbarn.com, Advancedsunscreen.com, and Sunscreenwarehouse.com. Other lines that we carry from Niven Morgan include Gold Scent, Jean Baptiste 1717, Mustique 1958, Lavender Mint and Rue 1807. The Rue 1807 line includes hand lotion, hand soap. Niven Morgan is steeped in all things sumptuous, Niven’s appreciation of art, fashion, interior design, and culture are evident in all of his ingredients as well as his packaging. Niven has a following in the celebrity-world and national community. We hope that his products will find their way into your home, if they have not already. Every day should have a moment of luxury in it.

  • Introducing Niven Morgan bath and body products at Dermpoint.com

    Dermpoint.com is very happy to introduce Niven Morgan to our line of skin care products. Niven Morgan has traveled the world capturing the essence of exotic scents. He brings luxury and a new spirit to luxury skin care. Niven has developed aromas that can be found in some of the most exclusive locations in the world. He grew up in Louisiana and took his spirit international!

    Niven’s products include Jean Baptiste 1717. Jean Baptiste 1717 evokes a sense of New Orleans in oak lined scent, jasmine air, sweet times, love lost and found. Mustique 1958 brings the allure of Caribbean to your home; it embraces the aroma of lasting musk, amber, moss and blonde woods. Mustique inspires the sense of a private island in the Caribbean. Niven Morgan Lavender mint brings relaxation and enjoyment to any setting. This line has a unique herbal blend, lavender, clary sage, spearmint evoke an uplifting and aromatic scent. Particularly, Niven Morgan Jean Baptiste 1717 body wash, you will find vitamin E, soothing chamomile, comfrey, and arnica extract. Other amazing luxury skin care products in the Jean Baptiste 1717 lineup include Jean Baptiste 1717 hand lotion, which is infused with hydrating extracts, organic aloe vera blended with extracts of arnica, shave butter, and algae restored and nourished.

    Niven Morgan blue brings a fresh intoxicating fragrance and reminds you of visual stimuli such as the sky, a calm sea, and sapphire. Niven Morgan Blue hand cream has a combination of natural extracts that can help reduce the appearance of dark skin spots. Dermpoint.com is happy to introduce Niven Morgan and his spectacular lineup of products. Checkout his many products through our website and spread the word of Dermpoint.com - where the point is great skin.