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    elure Advanced Brightening Lotion

    I look down at my arms and legs and see nice, even toned skin, then I look in the mirror and notice patches of dark skin and little brown freckles on my face that are irritatingly getting darker with increased sun exposure. Fortunately, I was introduced to the elure product line that was formulated specifically to deal with this skin condition. It’s made to lighten hyperpigmentation of the skin and even out the complexion to give you beautiful, even toned skin. The technology and ingredients found in elure aren’t seen anywhere else. One thing that really sold me on this product was the fact that they don’t use hydroquinone to lighten the skin as I have really sensitive skin and it’s easily irritated with such ingredients.

    elure has developed a range of scientifically-based products to rid your skin of stubborn discoloration and uneven skin tone. The elure product line has been clinically researched and is found to provide much fast results than any other products in the market.* The reason for this comes from the technology that is the foundation of elure’s products. elure products use a patented natural enzyme, called Melanozyme that gently, yet quickly, improves the skin tone and reduces the appearance of any stubborn discoloration on your skin.

    Your skin has three layers, with the epidermis being the most outer layer – approximately 0.1 millimeters thick or 50-100 cells thick. The discoloration is seen in this layer. elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion) is developed with Melanozyme skin brightening technology that works in the epidermis to reverse the effects of excess melanin developed in your skin (brown spots and discoloration). The result you get is brighter, more even and softer skin!  You’ll love what elure has to offer for your skin!

    Check out the elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion) at dermpoint.com! Our customers and staff love elure and the results that they’re seeing. You’ll be making your skin extremely happy with this brand that won Best of Beauty awards in both Allure and InStyle Magazine, 2013! You’ll see results in just 28 days. We know y’all are going to love this gentle and effective product for your skin. J

    *This information is taken from elureskin.com