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    elure Advanced Regimen Gift Set

    elure is a brand created a world leader in the non-invasive aesthetic device market. Syneron Medical creates top of the line equipment for Dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other Aesthetic professionals. In the past years, Syneron has researched and developed a topical product that gives extraordinary results without any invasive or painful treatments. This is a company that knows about skincare and is advanced in skincare technology.

    With elure, they did not skimp on the technology of the beauty industry. elure products were developed with the Advanced Skin Brightening Technology that is based on the patented natural enzyme Melanozyme. What this advanced skin brightening technology does is... you guessed it, brightens the skin! Melanozyme is an enzyme derived from a naturally occurring mushroom.* elure is formulated to lighten those uneven areas on your skin and give you a radiant and even complexion without irritating the skin. The formulas were tested for results as well as irritants; the end result is a product that is gentle on the skin yet powerful in skin lightening effects. elure has three products that work wonderful individually or together as a set.

    The first product, elure Advanced Facial Wash, is a superior face wash that does a great job getting the dirt, make up and grime off of your face. It’s powerful, yet gentle for your skin. Sensitive skin and laser treated skin are perfectly okay when using this face wash. elure created the face wash to work alone in cleansing your skin or together with the other 2 products to enhance the brightening effects of the Advanced Skin Brightening Technology in the products.

    The second product is the elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion). elure Brightening Lotion (Lightening Lotion) has a unique dual chamber design to combine the Melanozyme ingredients to instantly create a powerful formula to lighten and brighten your complexion in as little as 30 days! This lotion is perfect for hydrating your skin and reversing the effects of sun damage.

    The third product is elure Advanced Brightening Night Cream (elure Advanced Lightening Night Cream). elure Brightening Night Cream is a moisturizer that hydrates while you sleep as elure’s Melanozyme technology works to give you fabulous looking skin. Not to mention, with the development of Melanozyme technology, elure does not use Hydroquinone which can be very irritating to the skin. It replenishes and nourishes the skin at night when your skin is most at relaxed, giving you rested and healthy skin to wake up to in the morning.

    The elure Advanced Regimen Gift Set is offered by us at dermpoint.com. The gift set contains full-sizes of elure Advanced Facial Wash, elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion), and elure Advanced Brightening Night Cream (elure Advanced Lightening Night Cream). Try elure today and see amazing results in less than 30 days!

    *According to elureskin.com