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    Over time, our skin gets damaged by a multitude of things in our surroundings including pollution, stress, lack of nutrients, lack of sleep, aging and the good old sun. You may have started to notice brown spots appearing on your skin; this is caused by excess production of melanin.

    Luckily, there is a doctor-recommended product to help counter these developed spots on your skin! Syneron Medical Ltd. has developed a new topical cosmetic product line called elure, using Advanced Skin Brightening Technology that is only available through dermatologists, plastic surgeons and other medical aesthetic providers. One specific product that is designed to combat these brown spots on your skin is the elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion). This Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion) used a patented natural enzyme formulation, called Melanozyme, which quickly and gently removes discoloration and corrects uneven skin tone at the same time. The results are phenomenal! After using elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion), you’ll see brighter skin revealed and a more even and radiant complexion.

    In clinical research, elure was proven to take corrective action to diminish the appearance of stubborn discoloration and uneven skin tone. 82% of subjects showed a significant decrease in the melanin index and 91% of subjects showed an overall improvement in fairness and skin tone when they used elure Advanced Brightening Lotion (elure Advanced Lightening Lotion) twice a day for 28 days.*

    Our customers and staff are raving about this product and so is the press! elure was honored in winning Allure Magazine’s Best of Beauty 2013 Award and InStyle Magazine’s Best of Beauty 2013 Award. If you’re ready to try this phenomenal Advanced Lightening Lotion (Advanced Lightening Lotion), go to Dermpoint.com to get yours today! When you see the results we’re raving about, make sure to share the love with your friends and family! Y’all are gonna love what you see!

    *Information taken from Elureskin.com